Welcome To 2019

And with the blink of the eye, another year has finished and a new one has begun.

How did 2018 finish for you? Did you achieve what you hoped to achieve?

If you didn’t, that’s okay. It is a New Year and it is your time to focus on you and what you want to achieve.

It is time to start setting goals, working on yourself and looking at your self reflection, becoming the best you that you can be.

With the new year upon us, it is time to stop using the excuse that you don’t have enough time.

We all get busy and there are definitely times where it feels like there is no time to do things and make progress, however now is the time to stop and make time for the important things.

Make time by cutting down on the time you spend doing less important tasks that are taking up time – you may not even realise how much time you are wasting until you think about it.

Did you really need to lay in bed for an extra 20 minutes when you knew there was no chance of falling back to sleep? Or when you stopped to quickly check Facebook and then realised you had been scrolling for an hour?

These are the times where you are not using your time in a valuable way and in turn makes you feel like you do not have time.

Swap out the internet surfing for some reading, or jump out of bed when the alarm goes off and do a quick 20 minute round of yoga. Using your time wisely will help you to manage and maintain your goals and tasks needed to be completed.

Everyone starts the new year with resolutions, a lot of which are unattainable or unrealistic.

Make sure you set yourself a few solid goals for the year, not dreams and not resolutions – real goals.

Look at all aspects of your life and set a goal or two for each one that you would like to achieve.

Where do you want to see yourself by the end of 2019? What kind of career do you want to be in?

How will your relationships look?

Set smart, attainable goals that show results and align with you and are a reflection of who you want to be.

From the wise words of Albert Einstein “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you have been doing the same thing over and over again and nothing is changing; whether it be in your personal life or career then STOP. There is no point beating a dead horse and it will continue to hold you in the same space.

Change it up, look at it from a different perspective and how you want to achieve the results and then once you have worked all that out – begin to implement the changes. Change is as good as a holiday they say.

Stress, lack of sleep, poor time management; they can all take a large toll on us and are not beneficial. It is time to stop saying that you will take time for yourself and rest. It is time to start actually DOING it.

Whether you take a day to yourself to get your nails and hair done, or take a trip to the grocery store on your own or even just have a full day of being away from people and having a good sleep in. You need to make sure you are taking the time to rest and recharge.

Look at your diet and sleeping habits. Are they working in your favour or could you change them up to be more positive on your body and mental health.

During the year make sure you make a conscious effort to step outside your comfort zone. We aren’t saying you need to go jump out of a plane or swim with sharks but making an effort to step outside of what you are comfortable with has a huge positive effect on a person. It can be a small step and can lead to a bigger one down the track. This creates adrenaline and can boost a persons confidence and self esteem in such great ways.

Stop blaming others if things are not going your way. You need to take control and responsibly for your life. If you are not on track to achieve your goals look at the WHY and how you can change them up to help you achieve it. Most people are wired to be their own worst critic and our brains need to be retrained to realise that we are only human and that we need to push and fight for what we believe in and take responsibility for it.

Throughout this year, whether you achieve your goals or not, whether you land a big promotion or fall in love. Throughout everything, the main focus is YOU.

Be the best you that you can be and remember to smile and shine.

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