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Our Top App Features

Last month we introduced you to the new process for downloading our handy application. If you missed it, click here. This month we’re showing you our top two favourite App features that can help you streamline your tax claims!

  1. Receipt Manager

Are you guilty of storing all your receipts for future tax claims in an old shoe box or an envelope? Maybe you even have a “special” drawer where you shove all those items you have spent money on throughout the year, including your donations, fuel, stationary or advertising? Just reflect back on the time it takes you each year to find all your receipts to take to your accountant... Well, there is an easier way!

All you need to do is simply use your phone to take a photo of a receipt. Our App will ask you to categorise the receipt (i.e. travel expenses, bills, etc.) and then all you need to do is fill out any relevant data such as a receipt name or how you paid for the receipt. Once you’ve filled in the short form, all you need to do is click save. No more shoeboxes full of receipts! The captured receipts and information can then be exported and emailed when you want to share them with your accountant – saving you hours of sifting through paper receipts. It’s hard to believe that this time saving App is free to use...

  1. Logbook

How do you record the kilometres that you use your personal car for business use? Are you tracking it in a notepad that you keep in your car? In the notes section of your phone? Do you keep forgetting until it comes time to lodge your tax every year? Using GPS tracking, you can track and manage your journey using our App in 4 easy steps...

Simply tap 'start', the App will then prompt you to put in your current odometer reading. Next you’re ready to start your journey and when you’ve reached your destination, all you need to do is press 'stop' to end the tracking. It is so easy and simple to use, and the App will track your journey even when your phone is not in use! Again, like our Receipt Manager, you can export your logbook to your accountant at the click of a button or as an email attachment.

You can find our free app using the links below:

Google Play

App Store

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